Medium and Small Business Web Design

For the past 15 years, Sitecats has been serving small business web design that operate in the greater Philadelphia region. From manufacturers and distributors, to creative agencies and professional service firms, Sitecats helps organizations translate their business plans into a commanding presence on the web. All Sitecats websites are built in responsive design, for a consistent view on the desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Manufacturing Firms and Distributor Websites

Both small businesses and medium-sized enterprises can struggle in determining how to create a dynamic web presence. Depending upon their unique business model, they may require a highly functional eCommerce application; other times all they need is a simple web presence to verify they are a viable enterprise. Sitecats helps sort through all the elements of strategy, branding and messaging, and works with manufacturers and distributors to determine the necessary elements for their website.

Business Web development is much more than applying technology tools; it also means understanding business processes, how prospects search for information and how customers want to interact online. When we meet with business teams, our process mapping exercise helps isolate critical elements for the website, such as:business-web-development

  • How many different levels should be contained on the site
  • Identifying optimal flow of information
  • Determining what imagery is more effective in engaging users
  • Exploring appropriate calls to action
  • Providing clear navigation clues

When eCommerce is a requirement, we help you decide what type of payment platform makes the most sense, based upon the projected volume of the site. We also work with you to develop a clean, easily navigated check-out process so that customer purchases can be accomplished in the fewest clicks possible. Finally, we can customize your Google Analytics to help track how customers are entering and navigating through your site.

Media, PR and Advertising Web Development

Sitecats partners with media, marketing and PR firms, transforming their creative designs into remarkable websites.

Sitecats has done development for desktop, tablet and mobile applications, for both small and mid-sized businesses. We focus on the technology piece, so our creative partners can concentrate on the overall management and delivery of the project. Depending upon your needs, we can work with you at a number of different levels:

• Work transparently in the background, using your designs to build the site, and coordinate tasks with other technology providers as needed.
• Jointly manage the account, working with you and the client to construct and complete the project.
• Manage the project from proposal through to completion, with you stepping back and taking an advisory role.

The end client's needs may range from building brand awareness to a full-blown eCommerce site. Whatever the objectives may be, Sitecats is committed to working with you to help your client be successful. And when client technology requests become too complex for you, we are here to help create a workable solution.

Working with a number of creative firms over the years, we've developed a framework that has proven to be both transparent and successful. We partner with a wide variety of agencies, from sole proprietors to larger organizations. At Sitecats, we take our business relationships seriously. If you'd like to explore how we might work together, please call Tom at 215-345-9050.

Professional Service Firm Websites

Drawing from our work with law firms, Sitecats also works with a variety of professional service firms.