Summary of Sitecats Web Development Services

Often imitated and always the leader in streamlined project management, Sitecats Lansdale Web Design has a talented team ready for your project. Below is a summary of services and procedures provided by Sitecats Web Design Montgomery County. Choose a topic to learn more.

The Web Development Process

Process Mapping


Getting Started

An essential step in the creation of a new website, process mapping allows both us and the client to gain a better understanding of the project at hand and create a plan from start to finish.

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Visual Architecture


Looking to the Future

The art of website design begins with paying extra attention to user experience.

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Content Development


Cranking It Out

Our team of artists, coders, and SEO specialists tackle any project quickly and efficiently.

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Testing, Approvals & Launch


Quality Analysis & Going Live

We test each site in a variety of modern web browsers and platforms to ensure everyone sees the same website.

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Ongoing Support


Post-Launch Peace of Mind

Our ongoing support and maintenance plans ensure that you will always have someone to reach out to.

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Additional Web Services

Spam Armor


Enterprise-Level Protection

Why let spam ruin your day? With Spam Armor you get protection from unwanted emails, virus blocking, email archiving, and more.

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Video Production


Tell Your Story & Benefit


Videos are great for telling a story that might be too long for someone to read, but did you know that they can extremely beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Responsive Website Design


Adapt to Any Screen

Do what Google prefers and have one website that adapts to fit desktop monitors, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and mobile phones. The days of several different websites to cater to these platforms are gone.

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Search Engine Optimization


Following Best Current Practices

We're constantly reading new information about what Google and Bing want us to do. Then we do it.

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Your Online Storefront

If you have a product to sell, then the web should be more important to you than ever before. Sitecats has the experience to set up your storefront and keep your customers coming.

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Legal Web Marketing


Beat Your Competition

Sitecats Legal offers a number of services for attorneys that range from web development and aggressive search engine optimization to engaging potential clients via social media outlets.

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