Pay for Support

The launch of a website is really a new beginning. While there is a sense of excitement in having the project completed, keeping the site functioning at a high level requires an ongoing-website-support-and-maintenance ongoing commitment. Your marketing plans will constantly evolve, and technology advancements, along with underlying trends on how they are deployed, will continue to drive the need to monitor and upgrade your site.

In addition to giving you the tools to update and manage content, we stay involved to ensure the overall site integrity is maintained. To guarantee your site retains its original design and high degree of functionality, we offer a couple of options for support:

The Essential Plan

  • Monthly health check – we check for any broken links plus test your contact forms, shopping carts and other interactive elements
  • Configuration integrity – we ensure that the original design layout, flow and site elegance is maintained
  • Browser Compatibility/Speed Testing completed each month
  • 60 Minutes of Standard Support Per Month

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Clients may opt to pay for support as-needed at our standard hourly rate.

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