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Daily Backups

We’re crazy about daily backups! When you host with SiteCats you can edit your website with confidence. We back up our websites every day, so if something goes wrong, it can be easily reversed. We also stash a copy every month for up to 2 years. Faster recovery and daily backups add up to more peace of mind.

Hardware and Security

Our solid state servers are top of the line and they deliver faster than the regular HDD drives that you are used to. This adds to your SEO score and makes Google, Bing and Yahoo much happier.  Our security?  Well, we kind of overdo it a bit through the CMS and our server firewall.  Ask us about it and we’ll give you all the boring details!

Support, Maintenance, Rescues

Whether you have a website with us, or run an independent Joomla or WordPress site, we may be able to help. Take a look at our maintenance plans or give us a call to see if our services our right for you. We also rescue websites from hacked situations, and we perform WordPress and Joomla upgrades. Get back to your goals. We got this.

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Our 4-STEP Process

Visual Architecture

After the flow and information framework has been established during the Process Mapping meeting, we move on to the important phase of determining the look and feel of the site. Here we work with the client to concentrate on the visual web design, to ensure the organization’s image and branding is working well with the framework of the site.

Content Development

Web development and content creation is the next activity. The client typically provides text and images for the new site, and we resize the images and insert the text into the appropriate space. This is where we go a step further than many web providers. We examine your content and provide input on how the content could be modified to perform better for search engines.


We test out the site on a number of different platforms (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and test all links and forms, and ensure smooth navigation of the site. We also test the responsive views for the desktop, tablets and mobile to ensure that the website display properly on all devices.


This is probably the most exciting phase. At launch, you’ll get to see your development website go live to the public. This allows you to market your new website and give it the boost it needs.

We are here to help you and your business succeed. We offer ongoing support, maintenance and training to help keep your website fresh and up to date.

You guys truly are the best, and I get compliments on our website ALL the time. Your customer service is wonderful and the website absolutely grew our business.
David Neubert, MD Emergency Medicine / EMS Physician

The great folks at SiteCats are genuinely good people that are friendly and extremely talented. Their passion to do their very best for your business is evident the moment you

Paul Gordon
I’ve been working with SiteCats Web Development since their inception. You couldn’t ask for a better group of responsive and down-to-earth folks. They’ve always provided prompt, great service and were
Courtney Ragonesi Mind Body Manna
The SiteCats team is a dream to work with. I bring my VoiceMatters, LLC clients to them with confidence. They lay out a scope and budget and stay on plan
Michelle Kane VoiceMatters Principal, present
SiteCats have been my web development team for 6 years so far. They stay current with all that is going on. They are friendly, helpful, always there if you need
Lynda Aspirino Write Away For You

Some of our top clients

We thank our valued clients for their continuing support.

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