Hacked Joomla or WordPress

CMS rescues
This is probably what our company is best known for – CMS maintenance plans.  If your developer has failed to apply the mandatory security updates, chances are he’s left your site vulnerable to hackers. We can diagnose your site, disinfect it and apply all the upgrades necessary.  Relax. Contact us ASAP before the damage is irreparable.


Why do hackers hack sites?

Usually hackers want to implant phishing directories.  These are sites that resemble PayPal or popular bank sites that try to get you to input your secure credentials.  Once they have your unsuspecting visitor’s password they have free reign to empty their account!

Sometimes groups of hackers will just compete to see who can deface the highest number of sites, or try to redirect your visitors to another page; usually one that includes malware.

The question is not why or how – or even where they come from! The question is how can you best prevent them from getting in the back door.  That answer is frequent updates.  Some of our WordPress sites can have over 30 updates EACH MONTH! Contact us for a Maintenance Plan and rest easier.


Joomla or WordPress version upgrades and conversions

Joomla 2.x and WordPress 3.x are no longer supported by their CMS groups.  That means unless you upgrade as soon as possible, you’re a hacker magnet.  Hackers will eventually find the weakest plugin or insecure code to get access to your site.

In 2015 we did 75 upgrades/conversions.  Some of these were WordPress to WordPress upgrades, some were Joomla to WordPress conversions, and some were Joomla 2.5 to 3.5 upgrades. If you rely on SEO to stand out from your competition, we recommend WordPress over Joomla.  So now might be a nice time to get the needed conversion, maybe a redesign, and get your site mobile ready and SEO sturdy!  Contact us today for a comprehensive quote.


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