When starting your web design, we’re sensitive to your brand. Your color has a distinct temperature, hex code or Pantone number.  Even if you have one color we’ll use our software to compose a 6 to 10 color palette of complementary colors and use these throughout the site.  We have experience in knowing what colors mean.  For instance, our orange color in our brand means reflects excitement and friendliness.  Reds reflect urgency and passion.  Blues can be used to portray a sense of productivity or trust, and appeals mostly to men.

What does your logo say?  (Without saying a word)



When you’ve agreed to get started with Sitecats® the first step is process mapping. Is your goal e-commerce sales, memberships or subscriptions, or simply to make your phone ring?  It all matters in great design.  We’re constantly taking your main goal into account when we’re planning the navigation, flow and elements of your page. It defines our course of action throughout your new project.  Great web design starts with the information that goes into the site, and relies on all of the related processes including images, content development, SEO and the navigation wireframe.  If you’re determined about certain elements we’ll include them.  If you’re less than sure about other elements, we’ll make creative suggestions.



If your goal is to rank higher in the search engines, we’ll suggest you create some landing pages that correspond to your main products or services. Our sources recommend you create pages with several hundred words, and that this content has internal links to other sections of your site, through the use of anchor text.  If you’re running an AdWords campaign, these landing pages need to be optimized even further.  That’s why it’s best to choose a web developer who can also maintain your AdWords account at the same time.  For these campaigns to work properly, they need to be tweaked along with the content of your site on a regular basis; sometimes taking several hours per week for many months.  We have the talent to help you create these pages.


Creating the forms and data collection on your site is something we have more than a decade of experience doing.  You need web developers who can spot whether a component is worth your investment.  This relies on several factors.  Does it fit your needs? Is the plugin rated highly? Does it have a good track record of timely support? Does it play well with other plugins that we’ll be installing?

SECURITY. Security is a huge part of what we do for your website, but it’s a transparent service that you’ll never have to track.  Our server has redundant protections and we install security plugins to insure WordPress and Joomla are locked up tight. Plus the fact that we have off-site backups and a special backup regiment to insure that our programmers can revive your site from a previous backup whenever they need.  Also, if you’ve ordered our rescue plan and one of your plugins break, we have your back. We’ll fix or replace the plugin and find out what caused the error.  Probably before you catch it.



Approval time is built into your job schedule.  We’ll do everything we can to deliver a website that meets your goals, looks great, and ranks high. If we don’t fully grasp your vision, let us know.  We’ll make the change even 30 days after launch.



Our company culture is to make sure you or your administrative assistants are clear on how to edit the most important aspects of your site, and we provide this training. You’ll also walk away with a basics guide that you can refer to when you are stuck.  We’ll even include some custom tips you’ll need to run special plugins.

Launching your site usually takes place the same week.  We can host your site on our fast SSD drive and find you an email solution, or host somewhere that you prefer and keep your email where it is.  Let’s just say we’re flexible and we’ve done every scenario and combination.

Restrictions apply. Security and plugin support not available unless your site is hosted with Sitecats®.


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