Basic SEO

What every site needs to be properly configured for effective SEO.

Firstly, we install Google Analytics to track your site’s search volume, bounce rate and how long visitors are spending on what pages.

Secondly, we check with Google Business to make sure your business info is properly verified (many developers overlook this step).SEO

Third, we’ll confirm that these steps are complete:

Keyword Research – Choose best keywords for each page
Suggest content changes
Onsite Optimization
Verify site with Google & Bing
Optimize images
Submit Sitemap to Google & Bing
Create/Optimize Google+ Business Listing
Create/Optimize Bing Local Business Listing

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For Advanced SEO we can provide

  • Google AdWords – pay per click campaigns
  • Retargeting – If a user visits your site, your ads will appear in other pages they visit
  • Email Marketing – grow your email list with Call to Action
  • New Premium Content, professionally and scientifically written for SEO
  • Video creation (in studio, or just taken from your website)
  • Pro Press Releases with quality distribution
  • Local Business Directory Submissions

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How To Be Effective with Search Engine Optimization in Montgomery County by Sitecats® Inc.

  • Identify your Google position for important keywords.
  • Determine where your site stands for your keywords.
  • Structure your keywords to optimize each page and maximize its potential.
  • Once a page has been crawled and indexed, refine the process by observing SEO requirements imposed by search engines.
  • Consider key factors such as meta tags, headings, images and keyword density calculations.
  • Monitor and compare the Search Engine Optimization performance of your competitors.
  • Each quarter, generate HTML and XML sitemaps and submit them to Google and Bing.
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Other Components of Search Engine Optimization in Montgomery County

These are proven Penguin and Panda-proof white-hat SEO techniques at a fraction of the price you’ve been quoted. Remember that landing a #1 – #3 ranking on page 1 of Google’s SERPs for your target keyword is generally the result of a sustained link campaign over several months. Getting noticed on the web involves more than coding in the background of your website. It also includes creating content and having a presence on social media. Sitecats® offers professional content creation, social media management, and Google AdWords campaigns to get your site noticed.  Call for details and ask about affordable SEO in Quakertown, PA.

Also see maintenance packages.

To schedule an appointment now, contact us.  We work weekdays 8-5 in our Quakertown, PA office.

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