Web Development and SEO

Web development and content creation is the next activity. The client typically provides text and images for the new site, and we resize the images and insert the text into the appropriate space. This is where we go a step further than many web providers. We examine your content and provide input on how the content could be modified to perform better for search engines. This important process will begin in this phase as well: coding for Search Engine Optimization. SiteCats will identify keywords and key phrases, assign meta tags and optimize pages so your site will be noticed. There are a number of in-depth activities associated with SEO; we’ve been pretty successful in moving our clients up on search engine rankings because of our proprietary methods.

Lastly, for most clients we will create a temporary private URL for your team members to review the site and provide feedback for revisions and adjustments. Normally, the changes at this stage are minimal, in that the process mapping, grayscreen prototyping and visual architecture activities will have laid the groundwork for a quick transition to the testing phase.

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