22 Jun

Free hosting for one year just by staying on course. That’s $249.00!


Most of our clients convey a need to get their new website up and running as soon as possible. We here at SiteCats ®  aim to do just that. Plus, we’re going to reward you for getting us the materials on time and keeping to the agreed schedules. When we propose our estimate, we’ll now include reasonable but firm milestones for the following:


Process Mapping meeting to Mockup approval – 2 weeks – 40% payment to start this phase

Content and Programming – 2-8+ weeks – 30% payment to start this phase

Testing and Final Approvals – 2+ weeks – 20% payment to start this phase

Launch Phase – 48 hours – 10% payment required to launch

The experienced SiteCats team is battle tested when it comes to deadlines.  We’re typically working on 15-30 projects at a given time, and still we’re usually waiting for content, overdue from some customers.  Now get your first year’s hosting ($249.00 value) when you meet all of the milestones and help us run SiteCats like a well-oiled machine.

Our hosting plan includes the only solid state drive hosting in the region for extremely fast file delivery.  In addition we’ll keep up with your CMS upgrades to avoid letting hackers get to your site.  Plus, we backup every single weekday, plus we keep a backup of your site every month for TWO YEARS!  We’re just silly about security and quality hosting.  It’s the best around.

If you don’t require hosting we’ll still take 249.00 off your last project invoice.  Righteous?

SiteCats ®.  Let’s get this done!  Some restrictions may apply.  Please call 215-345-9050 for details.

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