01 Mar

Server improvements and free 30 day email trial.

New SSD Speed from SiteCats ®. We’re very excited to deliver solid state technology.  As of March 1 2015we’ve switched over to SSD.  If you would like to read more on the comparitive speed of SSD, see this article.  As our new SEO Jolt program goes into full swing, we can no longer ignore the fact that fast sites rank higher in search engines.  The decision was an easy one to jump to SSD.  There is no addition cost for you.

1/3 of our customers are affected by this. Please read:

Free cPanel e-mail is being dropped as of May 1.  Make your decision on a new email provider now.  cPanel email has become antiquated and unreliable and has become the source of 95% of all support calls because of it’s tendency to get our server blacklisted repeatedly.  Despite all efforts, there is no permanent fix.  You are welcome to stay with cPanel email until May 1, but you must make a plan to switch to another vendor for email now for your domain email.  We currently recommend Spam Armor powered by SpamSoap/Nuvotera and we’re offering a free month trial for this service.  Other vendors include Comcast, Verizon, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Office 365, Hotmail and others.  If you have a server in-house, your IT manager might opt to set up an exchange server for your company.  We can also recommend an IT professional to set up your exchange server at your location.

Your business is too important to run it on cPanel email.  The cost of doing business now includes email.  We’ve been testing Spam Armor for almost a year and we’re not sure how we did without it.  We’ve never been blacklisted, our computers and devices hook up fast, and there has only been ONE fifteen minute outage.  I urge you to get a free trial today so you can test out what real professional email feels like.  You’ll never go back to cheap or free email again.

Whatever your choice, it is our top priority to see that you have hassle-free and spam-free reliable e-mail.  We are happy to provide a little extra support to get you there by May 1st.

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