Often imitated and always the leader in streamlined project management, Sitecats® Web Development in Lansdale has a talented team ready for your project. Below is a summary of services and procedures provided by Sitecats® Web Design in Montgomery County PA. Choose a topic to learn more.

Free Consultation

We begin our processes with a Free Consultation.

What we’ll discuss & things to consider ahead of time

  • Consider what components your site might need (see list of suggestions below)
  • Consider what different pages you may need.
  • Look at examples of websites you like
  • Do you already have a web host and domain?
  • What are your goals for the new website
  • Are you concerned about SEO (search engine optimizaion)

What will happen after the meeting?
Our team will use the information gathered from the meeting to generate your estimate. You can expect your estimate in roughly 1-3 business days.

Visual Architecture

After the flow and information framework has been established during the Process Mapping meeting, we move on to the important phase of determining the look and feel of the site. Here we work with the client to concentrate on the visual web design, to ensure the organization’s image and branding is working well with the framework of the site.

Content Development

Web development and content creation is the next activity. The client typically provides text and images for the new site, and we resize the images and insert the text into the appropriate space. This is where we go a step further than many web providers. We examine your content and provide input on how the content could be modified to perform better for search engines.


We test out the site on a number of different platforms (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and test all links and forms, and ensure smooth navigation of the site. We also test the responsive views for the desktop, tablets and mobile to ensure that the website displays properly on all devices.


This is probably the most exciting phase. At launch, you’ll get to see your development website go live to the public. This allows you to market your new website and give it the boost it needs. We are here to help you and your business succeed. We offer ongoing support, maintenance and training to help keep your website fresh and up to date.

Mobile & Tablet Ready Designs

Look at your website on a smart phone or tablet, and what do you see? If your site is more than a couple of years old, you will probably see a website that is difficult to read and navigate. Accessing the site on a mobile phone would mean having to navigate up and down, left and right, and pinching and expanding to read the text. With the explosion of mobile devices that have advanced web-browsing capabilities, your website really needs to accessible and usable on a variety of devices. Responsive Web Design is the solution!


Every company and every store has specific requirements for shipping and handling of transactions. SiteCats has done many e-commerce websites and has provided the following features and more.

Express Websites

For those who need fast cheap websites, we offer an express option. — Fill out a 45 minute form and wait for your site in under a month.

Maintenance Plans & Pricing

We offer Pay-As-You-Go & Pre-paid Blocks of time. Whether you’re an existing client or an independent website owner in need of assistance, we are here to help. Our expertise includes maintaining and repairing Joomla and WordPress Websites.

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Rescue Service

We provide a quick resolution for:

  • Hacked websites
  • Outdated Joomla and WordPress versions and extensions
  • Slow server issues and 404 pages
  • No backup policy in place

Get back on track.  Contact SiteCats for more information.


All websites must be hosted on a web server in order for the world to view them. Hosts vary in security, stability, and overall quality. Sitecats is dedicated to providing quality service to those who choose to host with us.


Give your website the jolt it needs. The region’s premier SEO Company, Montgomery County’s very own SiteCats provides services so your site starts climbing in Google search results fast!

Spam Prevention

At SiteCats, our goal is to make great interactive websites. But because your email is linked to your website domain we feel it is our duty to give you the option to have the best in email protection to protect your business, your software and your employees from today’s most dangerous viruses and vulnerabilities.

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